Throughout history, there have been individuals, families and organisations who have been obsessed with gaining control over natural resources and over other people – politically, economically and socially.

For these people there is no balance between ‘freedom’ and ‘security’; there is no experience of love, empathy and solidarity with other human beings; ordinary people exist simply as resources for them to control or discard in their fruitless attempt to gain total security for themselves. Whatever lipservice they pay to caring about ‘the people’ or ‘humanity’, their only genuine interest is in gaining personal control. They ally themselves with those of a similar mind, but they do not love or trust one another. Disconnected from their own natural emotions, they cannot care about the pain of others, or, even worse, they have a deep fascination for causing pain and terror in other people.

Having set up key conditions in their favour over many decades, a number of financially mega-wealthy and psychologically sick individuals and families are now implementing the final stages in their attempt to gain total control over the world’s resources and the human population. We refer to these people as the ‘Global Elite’.

The Global Elite can be described as a ‘superclass’ of around 8000 people, including more than 2000 billionaires, who operate in ways designed to keep increasing their own financial and material wealth at the expense of ordinary people and the natural environment. These people are wealthy enough to operate outside the law, shaping society and the economy without the knowledge, input or agreement of the general population. Sometimes they drive the creation of laws which allow them to profit from harming and killing others – such as the no-liability laws that allow vaccine companies to profit from their products, making billions of dollars, while having to pay no compensation to those individuals injured or killed by their products.

Some of the key organisations through which the Global Elite works are the World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation, Trilateral Commission, Group of 30, Atlantic Council, Bilderberg Group, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, G20, and Bank for International Settlements; and the major capital investment firms and banks – seventeen global financial giants that are money management firms each controlling more than one trillion dollars in capital.

Many of these organisations have no public oversight, and none of them has any public accountability in practice. Oxfam reports that by January 2020 the operations of the Global Elite had already led to the richest 1% having more than double the wealth of 6.9 billion of the world’s population. Their manipulation of the global economy for their own financial profit had led to 100,000 people in the world dying every day from starvation, mostly because ordinary people in ‘developing’ countries simply could not afford to buy the food produced in their own countries.

Now the deaths and marginalisation of people worsens through lockdowns designed to destroy working and middle class economies in developed countries. No amount of control is enough to compensate for the Global Elite’s deep fear. And so all of us are potential sacrifices to their compulsive ‘need’ for total control.

There are two key differences between the current attempted takeover and any other imposition of dictatorship in the past. One is that it is truly global in nature – whatever conflicts still exist between nations and cultures, the Global Elite’s intention is to create one centrally controlled ‘existence’ for all human beings. Secondly, the core of the Global Elite are ‘transhumanists’, believing that genetic engineering and technological implants can both improve human biological functions without negative effects (highly debatable) and provide the means to increase surveillance and directly control human minds and behaviour (truly scary). These people fear and loathe biological life, and believe that ‘fourth industrial revolution’ technology, including Artificial Intelligence, is superior as an evolutionary force.

Sound insane? That’s because it is. But whether or not it is in fact possible to achieve their megalomaniac dream, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try. And they have enormous resources at their disposal to buy the assistance of key agents (such as governments, public relations firms and media, biotechnologists and health agencies), and no compunction in using threats, manipulation and direct violence to get what they want.

The World Economic Forum calls this attempted takeover ‘The Great Reset’, and while the WEF presents this with a positive ‘spin’, in fact, they are working towards global dictatorship through the achievement of full control in key areas of social, political, economic and physical life. The supposed pandemic and the planetary lockdown response are key tools in achieving their aims – psychologically designed to dramatically increase people’s fear of the unknowable, and justify greater and greater loss of freedoms and human rights.

Key players in this coup against humanity fund research in private business, universities and military organisations into technologies designed to create tech-enhanced ‘supersoldiers’, neurological tech implants, bodily tech implants designed for surveillance, and mass satellite systems to allow global Wifi connection and control, for example. This core of transhumanists includes David Rockefeller Jr. (Big oil, banking and pharmaceutical industries, Rockefeller Foundation), Bill Gates (World Health Organisation, Pfizer, Moderna, GMO foods), Elon Musk (SpaceX, Neuralink), Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum), and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) but there are many others, who may or may not have a public profile. To the extent that their operations and goals are visible, these are presented in ways that sound positive and benign – good for our health, happiness, economic fairness and environmental sustainability.

Oxfam reports that Global billionaires’ wealth increased by US$3.9 trillion during the lockdowns of 2020. And when Jeff Bezos (Amazon, which holds key communication technology development contracts with the CIA) increased his personal wealth by $70 billion in 2020, for example, it is clear that we are not ‘all in this together’. Amazon’s human workers are already treated like feelingless robots, and Bezos intends to replace them all with mechanical robots by the year 2030. This obsession of the transhumanists with ‘enhanced’ human and mechanical robots comes about through their fear of independent individuals, who have needs, desires and a conscious existence of their own. Robots make the ultimate slaves, and this is how the transhumanists see everyone and everything around them.

Members of the Global Elite are eugenicists who believe they have the right to decide who is fit to live according to whether an individual and their offspring are useful in pursuing their agenda for financial profit and total control. In addition to supporting sterilization of those considered ‘undesirable’, they have always been willing to kill large numbers of people who they believe are dangerous or extraneous to their plans, or where killing people is immediately profitable. (For example, they routinely assassinate politicians and activists who defy them, they kill millions each year through starvation, and deliberately foment wars so they can profit from the weapons industry). With the numbers of ‘vaccine’-related serious injuries and deaths soaring, it is clear that at least one purpose of the Covid-19 injections (individual doses of which are clearly variable in their immediate and longer term effects) is to kill a significant proportion of the world’s human population.

What control will those of us left have over our capacity for financial and economic independence? Since 2020, there have been what are supposedly ‘warnings’ from various major institutions – including the World Economic Forum and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – about the possibility of an ‘allegedly imminent cyber attack that will collapse the existing financial system’. Following a simulation in 2020, in which the World Economic Forum along with the Russian government and global banks conducted a high-profile cyberattack simulation that targeted the financial industry, another simulation – Cyber Polygon – was conducted from 9 July 2021. In reality, of course, such a collapse of the financial system would constitute ‘the final yet necessary step’ to implement the World Economic Forum’s desired outcome of forcing a widespread shift ‘to digital currency and increased global governance of the international economy’.

If this financial collapse happens, the ‘solution’ suggested by key agencies – in the words of Whitney Webb: ‘to unite the national security apparatus and the finance industry first, and then use that as a model to do the same with other sectors of the economy’ – will ensure that we lose what little control is left in our lives, not just in relation to our financial resources but in all other domains as well.

Watch this 54-minute video ‘The New Normal’ for an excellent overview of ‘The Great Reset’, including some of the resistance so far.

Watch this 46-minute film, made by Vrouwen Voor Vrijheid in the Netherlands, about ownership and control of global wealth: ‘Monopoly: Follow The Money’.

Watch this 49-minute video by financial consultant Catherine Austin Fitts, on the operations of ‘Mr Global’, for the film ‘Planet Lockdown’.

And watch this 73-minute video by computer engineer Aman Jabbi, on how we are being locked into a digital dictatorship through the rapid implementation of digital identity technologies: ‘Facial Recognition: Digital ID or Digital Dictatorship’.

In brief, the Global Elite is in the process of establishing:

• A Monopolised Corporate Dictatorship of the economy, including all natural, agricultural, human, technological and financial resources, destroying any attempt of ordinary people to achieve economic self-reliance through independent farming, small and medium sized business, organic food production or local trade. The full digitisation of money (the end of currency altogether), will leave people with no control over currencies they can use to trade in ways they see fit. The advent of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is expected to lead to at least one-third of jobs now performed by humans being replaced by software, robots, and smart machines by 2025, leaving at least 30% of people permanently unemployed. In a 2-minute video titled ‘8 predictions for the world in 2030’, the World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030, ‘You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy’.

• A Medical Dictatorship by profit-driven pharmaceutical medicine and psychiatry for social control, that denies the true value of natural and holistic physical and mental health, disallows use of non-patented or previously patented medicines to treat so-called ‘new’ diseases, and forces damaging and experimental medical treatments and procedures on people without informed consent. These include ‘vaccines’ involving genetic engineering and nanotech which have the potential to fundamentally change the way we exist as independent biological entities.

• National/State Government Dictatorships (intended to become a Global Government Dictatorship) controlled by elite ‘advice’ and interests, that destroy privacy through mass surveillance and restrict freedom of thought, speech, work, finances and movement.

• A Monopolised Media Dictatorship that uses censorship and propaganda for social control.

• A Technocratic Dictatorship run by pseudoscientific ‘experts’, involving the fourth industrial revolution (AI, satellites, robotics, drones and the Internet of Things); the surveillance, control and attempted ‘robotisation’ of our biological selves through nanotech implants and connection to AI through 5G technology; the control and destruction of the natural environment through technologies such as 5G and genetically modified crops; and the denigration of genuine scientific methods and principles, which are non-authoritarian by nature.

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