Anita McKone has been a nonviolent activist, educator and researcher since 1993. She has been arrested and imprisoned on a number of occasions for her activism. She has written many articles on different aspects of nonviolent activism, psychology and philosophy.

Robert Burrowes has been a geopolitical analyst (including studying and critiquing the Global Elite) since 1971. He has done extensive research since 1966 to understand the cause of human violence and has been a nonviolent activist and educator since 1981; he has been arrested for nonviolent acts of conscience about 30 times. He has also done extensive research on the strategy of nonviolent campaigns and liberation struggles.

Henna Maria Vermeulen is an activist, speaker, writer and practitioner of ancestral healing arts, which she learnt apprenticing with the Shipibo tribe in the Amazon rainforest. She is also a student of Natural Law and the Essene Way. In 2019 Henna founded Dawn of Peace, a creative community and peace organisation. Her activism focuses on educating people about the spiritual reality of life, human and animal rights, medical freedom and self-sovereignty. In 2021, Henna founded the international movement Police for Freedom – educating police and civilians about our natural rights in order to rehumanise our societies and restore trust between the security forces and the people.

Ed Gilbert is first and foremost a husband and father to his two boys. He is a former Irish police officer who now resides with his family in Melbourne.

Ed became involved in advocating for police liaison at an early stage in what has become known as ‘the movement’ in Melbourne during 2020. Ed has experience in neighbourhood policing, command and control operations and public order. As part of this journey Ed has performed and spoken at a number of events, seeking reason, and advocating that we speak through the box of uniform to the person within.

Ed is currently State coordinator/people representative for the Victorian Chapter of the international Police for Freedom movement, and member of the We Are Human, We Are Free NVA movement.