Strategic Goals #2 to #7

Strategic Goals related to media, surveillance, digital identity, banks, corporations, boycotts, contact tracing and 5G:

#2. To cause people and groups all around the world to boycott all government and corporate media outlets (television, radio, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter…) and seek news from progressive news outlets committed to telling the truth.

Clearly the mainstream media and ‘big’ social media are being used as propaganda outlets and agents of censorship by the Elite. How do consumers/users give these industries the message that they are not willing to put up with this situation? By withdrawing their dollars and their participation, impacting advertising and ‘data collection’ revenue. If they won’t let us tell the truth through them (even in debate), we need to withdraw our support of them. How can we encourage consumer boycotts of these industries/platforms, and provide clear alternatives that meet people’s needs for honest information and reasoned debate? As activists, can we find censorship-free social media alternatives to Facebook, for example, to communicate with one another?

#3. To cause people and groups all around the world to conscientiously resist efforts to expand state surveillance by refusing to participate in any activity related to Covid-19 ‘contact tracing’, including use of a QR code.

Can you run a campaign that asks small businesses, such as café’s, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers, not to ask for contact information, digitally or otherwise, from their customers? Are you already a small business owner committed to this? How might you gain support from other businesses? How can we encourage customers to use ‘surveillance free’ businesses, and boycott those continuing to use surveillance?

#4. To cause people and groups all around the world to take action that prevents the completion of the global 5G network and its use for direct human control.

The two most powerful actions you can take personally against 5G are 1) to return to landline communications technology, and cease using Wifi for computers, phones and all ‘smart’ devices, and 2) conscientiously refuse to accept vaccination or any medical treatment or biosecurity implant where you run the risk of having nanotechnology or radio frequency technology placed inside your body.

Obviously, returning to landline communications will be difficult for many people, but they can at least refuse to buy any upgraded technology designed to use 5G. Can you organise a ‘Don’t buy 5G’ consumer boycott campaign?

Otherwise, a range of actions need to be taken to convince people who work in the communications industry (from technologists to salespeople, to the contractors who install 5G transmitters in our community, to the workers involved in sending up the tens of thousands of satellites necessary to run a global 5G network) not to engage in work that supports 5G, because of the risk to human health and freedom and the devastating effects on the natural environment (particularly insects) of 5G’s intense microwave electromagnetic radiation.

Can you ask workers who have already installed 5G transmitters to dismantle these, in a disciplined and expert manner, so as to protect the community? Doing this as a well-publicised nonviolent action, with the workers accepting the risk of arrest, would be the most effective way forward on this, and help convince the management of communications companies to agree not to be involved in further 5G rollouts.

You can read a more complete list of ‘Strategic goals that would be appropriate in a nonviolent struggle to halt the deployment of 5G’.

#5. To cause people and groups all around the world to join the resistance strategy by conscientiously refusing to participate in initiatives to digitize personal identity, including by using biometric or other personal data acquired through such measures as DNA testing; finger/palm printing; and iris, facial and voice recognition technologies.

Your digital identity is crucial to creation of the comprehensive surveillance and control grid they are implementing. Every time you, or someone else, resists participation in an initiative related to gathering and storing identity information about you – a DNA test result, a fingerprint, a photo… – we make it more difficult to complete this grid.

#6. To cause people and groups all around the world to pay with cash (and boycott digital transactions) and to withdraw all funds from corporate banks and deposit their money in local community banks or credit unions.

Paying with cash as much as possible will resist the push to get everyone dependent on digital transactions which is one step to consolidating our financial and health records with a digital identity, enabling comprehensive surveillance and control. In addition, ‘big’ (corporate) banks are clearly key institutions of support for the Elite. Bringing our money back into our control, with no one making vast profits at our expense, is crucial to becoming more self-reliant and independent. What actions can we take to encourage a consumer boycott of all corporate banks?

And given the likelihood that the financial system will be deliberately crashed at some point, storing cash and making the effort to become more self-reliant, particularly in food production, will increase your resilience, as will participating in local trading schemes, whether involving local currencies or goods and services directly.

#7. To cause people and groups all around the world to boycott corporate supermarkets (such as Walmart) and online outlets (such as Amazon) and to support small and family businesses, and local markets.

Would you like to run a ‘Don’t Feed the Monsters’ campaign? What actions can we take to encourage people to support local small and family run businesses? Can we get all small businesses in our area to put up the same ‘Small Business – by and for the Community’ sign, and picket supermarkets with a ‘Don’t Feed the Monsters – They’re Eating the Heart Out of Our Community’ sign. How can we discourage people from using the big online businesses, such as Amazon and Uber-eats during lockdowns?

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