Strategic Goals

Introduction and Strategic Goal #1

Here are 30 Strategic Goals, and some ideas for mini-campaigns and actions to get you started. While it is good to get a sense of all the key areas in which we need to take action, remember that you or your group will need to focus on perhaps two or three of the strategic goals and work consistently at these to have effect. You are not expected to do it all! (In fact, for a simple campaign strategy that is easy to share, please see the WAHWAF One-page Flyers, available in more than 20 languages so far, which you can distribute in various ways. But for a more complete explanation of how the overall strategy works, keep reading below.)

If we succeed in achieving all, or even only many, of the following goals we will be able to achieve the overall ‘Political Purpose’ of the We Are Human, We Are Free campaign, which is:

To defeat the attempt by the Global Elite to gain total political, economic, social, physical and spiritual control of the human population and all of Earth’s natural resources through implementation of ‘The Great Reset’ and the transhumanist agenda.

Have a look at the section ‘A Diverse Range of Tactics’ on the ‘Taking Action’ page to get ideas on what sort of actions your group might take to get the message out and get people who are currently supporting the problem to change sides and noncooperate with Elite directives. Sometimes it’s just a matter of talking to people, other times the conflict may need to be brought more clearly into focus through the use of public actions of ‘Protest and Persuasion’ and ‘Nonviolent Intervention’, before supporters of the problem will take you seriously and start to think about where they really stand, and how they want to act.

For an example of how Protest and Persuasion and Nonviolent Intervention actions can lead to effective Noncooperation by key groups of people, watch the 15 minute video “Time to Act – Melbourne Rainforest Action Group” below. This campaign ran from 1988-1991 and led to a 95% decrease in rainforest timber imports into Australia at that time, purely through grassroots noncooperation.

Some of the following 30 Strategic Goals target groups who are currently actively supporting the problem. Some of them target groups of potential allies among existing social groups, who we may be able to mobilise to get involved in the campaign.


#1. To cause people and groups all around the world to join the resistance strategy by wearing a global symbol of human solidarity.

Asking people and groups all around the world to wear an orange ribbon, armband or scarf showing their solidarity as part of this worldwide nonviolent movement is a key way to increase people’s courage to take action. Can you think of particular groups of people to whom you might make this suggestion, or ways in which you might spread this message to the general public?

Strategic Goals #2 to #7: Are you interested in media, surveillance, digital identity, banks, corporations, boycotts, contact tracing and 5G?

Strategic Goals #8 to #16: Are you interested in natural health, Covid testing, vaccines or lockdown restrictions?

Strategic Goals #17 to #22: Are you interested in police, the military, public servants, workers or farmers?

Strategic Goals #23 to #25: Are you interested in resisting the fourth industrial revolution and transhumanism?

Strategic Goals #26 to #30: Are you interested in mobilising indigenous groups, religious/spiritual groups, ethnic groups, pre-existing activist groups, artists, intellectuals, students or other social groups to take action against The Great Reset?

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