For further information on how to undertake nonviolent resistance to the Elite coup, see:
Nonviolent Defense/Liberation Strategy

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For articles outlining and critiquing essential elements of the elite coup, referencing other analyses, and briefly explaining how to resist it, see:

‘Corrupt Science and Elite Power: Your Techno-Slavery is Now Imminent’

‘Defeating the Global Elite’s Coup d’État: The Great Reset’

For regular critiques and descriptions of resistance to ‘The Great Reset’, start with the following highly reputable (truthful) news outlets:

Progressive media sites (among others):
‘Children’s Health Defense’
‘Corona Investigative’
‘Global Research’
‘Technocracy News & Trends’
‘TRANSCEND Media Service: Weekly Digest’

These individuals and organizations, among many others, also offer the truth:

Prof. Dolores Cahill
Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
James Corbett
Catherine Austin Fitts
Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Kit Knightly
Peter Koenig
Jon Rappoport
Prof. Vandana Shiva
Whitney Webb
Police for Freedom
World Freedom Alliance