Watch the ‘We Are Human, We Are Free’ music video (7 minutes):


The cofounders of We Are Human, We Are Free are delighted to extend our sincere appreciation to the talented team of people who made this video possible: some allies in the World Freedom Alliance group in Greece.

Vivianne Sergianidis of World Freedom Alliance Greece originally suggested the idea and then coordinated the entire project.

Sunyata wrote the music and lyrics for the song. Sunyata and Ashling performed the song, with sound engineer EVO in Greece recording it and Vivianne Sergianidis filming it.

Matia of Matia Music produced and edited the video (with guidance on content from Robert Burrowes).

The assistant video editor was Sunyata.

Dr Nikos Vakolidis of World Freedom Alliance Greece organized all of our meetings as the entire project was planned and executed.

Theodora Spiridaki organized and filmed the children – Alkinoos, Orfeas, Nefeli, Ioli, Ionas, Artemis and Martha – disposing of their masks, in Aegina, Greece.

Diana Blackwell designed and produces the We Are Human, We Are Free one-page flyers, available in 17 languages so far. Diana also created some graphics for this video.

Monica Felgendreher supplied the video footage of her arrest in Berlin. We thank Einge who filmed it.

Willem Engel supplied the video footage of his arrest in Rotterdam. We thank Dorien Rose Duinker who filmed it.

We also thank for their contributions: The Nigerian Voice, Reclaim the Net, Global Research, This Pivotal Moment – Why Vaccine Passports Will Lead to a Totalitarian Surveillance State, Children’s Health Defense, Life Site News, Health Impact News, Open Online, Bitchute, Rumble, Happen Network, VAERS Covid Vaccines Adverse Events Reports, Stroke Journal, Alison Elliott and four unidentified video sources.

And acknowledge with gratitude:
Pexels for some photos.
Vimeo for some video excerpts.

For further information, suggested actions and downloadable one-page flyers in many languages, you are welcome to visit We Are Human, We Are Free. The campaign was cofounded by Anita McKone, Robert Burrowes, Henna Maria Vermeulen & Nigel Utton.